Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TomBoy Fashion?

Well Hell Yes I Am One!

When I was a kid I hated it when my parents would say..
"This is our little tomboy" when they introduced me
I always thought, " Hey, I'm NO boy"
but it was true that I did play more with boys on my street
they didn't cry when they got hurt
or worry about getting dirty or wet & muddy
So Yeah They Could Be More Fun Sometimes...
but I definitely was a girl,
not a girly girl,
but definitely a girl none the less.

and most of the tomboys I've ever known
have ended up getting involved in fashion
either personally or professionally

I Am One of Them Too!

Isn't there something sexy about a woman
wearing men's clothing??

I mean....
 Can We Talk Here??
Garbo Made it Work
she coaxed the idea into the mainstream
there is no question that Greta Garbo
was a Fiercely Sexy Woman
There is NO boy, Tom or otherwise in her picture

Of Course She Wasn't The Only One.....

Kate Hepburn
 Beautiful and a Huge Star,
BIG Box Office Draw

I would have to say
 that she did not fall into
the "girly girl" category



"Annie Hall"
did it for me

Cool permission to dress
 the way I was naturally inclined,
 definitely cute, stylish and sexy,

NOT compared in any way
 to those Girly Girls!

For instance.....

Me on the Right
my cousin Anne (who I love) on the Left

do you see the ladder behind Annie's legs?
uh yeah..she didn't actually climb the tree

but how could she
 wearing patent leather shoes with silver buckles
pressed jeans, a stark white shirt with peter pan collar
 and a pale pink windbreaker

This is where I come in...

Filthy Keds canvas sneakers,
 once white socks bunched down
 with some form of dirt in the creases
plaid wool boys jacket
one pigtail up & one pigtail down.....

The thing is...
I can't see myself "in" what Annie is wearing
 Then or Now!

I think that is why I buy & sell a lot of men's vintage clothing

for women to wear!

Even the vintage I sell that is more traditionally feminine...
I have to mix in an unconventional way....

....like this beautiful mink wrap!!
Bren's not wearing it with a sequined dress
"nuh uh"
but over a cabled wool sweater and jeans

She looks BEAUTIFUL!

No Boy in That Picture!!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post on Tomboy fashion! Great pics! I agree "boys" clothes do well on a woman!