Saturday, November 19, 2011

Boot 'er Up...

Has a Fashion Addiction 

I mean come on...   
most of us have more than one
if the whole truth be told.
(cue nervous laughter)

See I thought so......
Don't hold it in.

Over the years I have had many!

Coats & Jackets
was and still is one of my faves
I love vintage mostly
but that doesn't mean I will walk away
from anything modern I fall in love with!

If you check out our etsy site
you'll see what I mean!

Of course I'm a total Bag-Aholic!!
Almost everytime I visit the Goodwill
I leave with a bag of some sort
I can't help myself....

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

and then there are my feet!

My Poor Feet...
My sweet little toes that in the 80's I would shove into
anything I loved whether they were my size or not.

I mean
Who Cares If They Hurt!!
As Long as They Were Cute!!


Oh Come On Now
you completely know what I'm talking about!!

If you won't admit it
 let's ask your feet

Ah Hah!! I knew I was right!!

In the 90's I started having babies!
Something about being pregnant
does strange things to your little tootsies
and I no longer was into wearing anything
that crunched & cramped my feet.

A Shift Happened
 ever so slightly in a manner
that was imperceptable by me

I heard someone on Oprah one time say that
as a person you were your most "authentic self"
when you were about 12 years old

that is where I shifted back to

At home whether painting furniture, sewing,
 cooking, cleaning, writing etc.
I am barefoot almost all of the time
Even In The Winter.
(all you North Country girls know what I'm talking about)

when venturing out into the world
it becomes an entirely different story.

In the summer it's.....

then in the Fall, Winter, Spring.....

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

Source: via Annie on Pinterest


one of each
to wear with everything

My husband says I'm a little obsessed
perhaps bordering on addiction!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

they say the "first step" is admitting you have a problem  
Mmmmmm problem?

I'll admit to it....

If I can take that "first step"
 in a cool pair of boots.


  1. I've often wondered how many pairs of shoes total you've ever had at one given time.....

  2. @Bren I'd tell ya, but I'd have to kill ya :D

  3. hMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... I'm lovin' all these photos! And I hear ya on the tootsies! I can't squeeze 'em anymore...Prefer barefoot, must be the hillbilly in me LOL