Friday, December 2, 2011

Le Perfect Coating

Even for girls who don't normally dress up,
who never truly girlify themselves,
Source: via Lori on Pinterest

those girls who don't carry themselves
like a movie star down the red carpet....

You can see those same girls
 dressed "to the nines" this time of year.

Almost every girl likes a
Serious Grown-Up Holiday Party

Even the ones who wouldn't wear
a full on white ballgown as a bride.
(my hand is up)

So as "y'all" are
making your plans to look fine..
while you are
counting up your cash
shining up your plastic
to buy yourself that "Killer Dress"
that makes you
"Drop Dead Gorgeous"
Just don't forget about that soft touch
that just finishes this full on

for the blatent
self promotion

This is where the 
French Republic comes in.....
Now this is a gorgeous dress
 nooooo doubt about it.....
As you sashay around the room
with a glass of champagne in your hand
(or whatever you're drinking)
all those party guests
will be ooooing & aaawing
at your gorgeousness.

there is the matter of
 "le grande entrance" to consider.
Wrap yourself up in this Rare 1950s
Cerulean Blue Emba Mink Stole &
Every eye will look up 
the moment you walk thru the door.

What about this one??
mmmm hmmmm

wrapped up in this one
mmmm hmmmm hmmmm
or maybe this sweet little number...

....coated in a little toffee.

If boho is your style.....

......gotcha groovy right here

"Peace" on Earth Man.

Nicole Knows
French Vanilla Ice Cream
needs a topping!

Scoop of French Vanilla....


.....caramel swirl.

Por vous?

oo la la
fa la la

So when checking your look this holiday season
Just Remember
the immortal words of

Baby It's Cold Outside!

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