Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where the story will take us

McGee and I met way back when.  She was trying on clothes, I was working the fitting room of the store she was in.  We struck up the easy conversation of two girls about to embark on a lifelong friendship, on territory befitting who we were and where we would find ourselves all these long years later.  

Time has passed, children born, trials thrown our way.  We were a story, book-marked while figuring out our own paths. A couple of years ago we pulled out that book mark.  

After briefly reacquainting ourselves, we've found that we'd never lost all that had been the foundation of our friendship from the beginning: synergy that allows us to get excited about the same ideas, finish each others thoughts, work effortlessly side by side, and laugh with abandon.  And then of course, vintage clothing.

As McGee and I embark on this new adventure, we are sure that our passion for what we do will show through.  We invite you along on the trip with us as we find and reinvent vintage, outdated and cast-off items making them fresh and fun and accessible.

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  1. See....You are an eloquent writer!
    Put your arms up the ride is more fun!!